Kelley N. Eaves-Boykin, President/CEO

Kelley N. Eaves is the President of So Kel Eavents of Charlotte, North Carolina and has over 20 years of special events planning, production show planning, and floral design experience. To add to her many years of Planning and Design are 15 years of project management, technical training, training management and organizational development. Kelley has been recognized as a leader in her field and community. She has touched the communities of Raleigh, North Carolina, Marietta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina with her leadership and business skills. She is a Certified Training Manager, and has the elite privilege of being named to the Manchester Who’s Who of Executive and Professional Women. While residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, Kelley co-created and produced the “Beautiful Beginnings” Bridal and Business Expo from 1997- 1999. 

Our Company
So Kel Eavents is a full service special event, production management and floral design company that offers a range of services to you that include: Consulting, Directing, Planning, Coordinating, Managing and Designing.

With over 20 years of experience, we provide your complete Special Event Planning, Production and Floral Design services from start to finish. As Event Managers, Production Specialist, and Floral Designers, it is our job to take the worry out of even the smallest details of your event or production, while keeping your vision and budget in mind, to ensure that it is simply elegant and beautiful. 

We also work to provide you with contract services and listings to assure the best quality and qualified services at the best prices. We take pride in each and every event or production and it is our goal to ensure you that your event will rise above and beyond your expectations, while keeping your vision and budget at the forefront.


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